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Are you a medical provider that treats patients who have been injured at work, and thus must hope for reimbursement from less-than responsive Worker’s Compensation Insurance Companies?

These injured workers certainly require treatment; however, the Workers Compensation Carriers are even more reluctant to appropriately pay for your services than major medical and PIP carriers can be!

You are entitled to be paid your usual, customary, and reasonable rate for treatment of Worker’s Compensation patients, but carriers almost undoubtedly shortchange you for your billed charges, maliciously accusing you of overbilling or over-treatment of patients.  Making your situation even more frustrating has been this historical lack of recourse on your behalf in securing appropriate payment for your services!

You Need A Protector, A Guardian, A Champion. Take Action And Recover Your Money.

That is why, after being instrumental in forcing auto-insurance carriers to be held accountable for proper reimbursement, Callagy Law turned its attention to the deceptive practices of Worker’s Compensation Insurance companies.

In fact, insurance carrier unfair denial and underpayments are so rampant, Callagy Law in 2017 alone recovered more than $50,000,000 for our healthcare clients, and more than $300,000,000 since 2007.

We can’t ethically say that we are the best, that we do more, and that we fight harder for you, but let us prove it to you.

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