New York Surprise Medical Bill Legislation

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What does the New York surprise bill legislation say and how does it impact medical providers?


New York Surprise Medical Bill Legislation A lot of providers, even on the Jersey side, but primarily on the New York side, will ask about the New York Surprise Bill legislation. New York, to its credit, was one of the first ones into this space. In April 2015, they passed their Surprise Bill law, which was one of the first. They very nobly protected the patient from the balance bills, and they set up an arbitration process that is, at this point, a little more complex than some of the other states, but don’t forget they were the first ones in. They still have a standard of reimbursement that is based on some level of reasonableness, which is this proper standard for the medical community.

The good news about the New York law is there really is no time frame like we have lately in New Jersey and some other states of a 30-day window or 90-day window. You basically have six years in New York to challenge payments on the Surprise Bill. The great news there is even if you haven’t arbitrated for several years, guess what, there’s a whole backlog of claims. Some of these dollars may even be written off, and you can resurrect them and get some recovery. We’re happy to look at all those EOBs. We’ll go back and have our teams look at them going back six years, in New York on Surprise Bills, and we’ll be happy to help you with that.

Inevitably, we do find money when we go through these backlogs, and it’s money you were always entitled to. Don’t think of it as found money; think of it as your money that somebody’s finally being forced to return to you. It’s like a debt that somebody never paid and you just wrote it off, and now you don’t have to write it off necessarily.

We are Callagy Law in Paramus. We’re happy to help New York providers in the Surprise Bill world. We’re happy to do that.

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