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    New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

    Do You Need Legal Help?

      New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

      Do You Need Legal Help?

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        New Jersey Family Law Attorneys

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        When you are involved in a family law case, it can be extremely challenging for you and your family. Our New Jersey family law attorneys want to help you make this process easier by guiding you through your legal process. You may be dealing with a divorce or child custody or anything in between. We can help you get through it. Please call our family law attorneys today to set up a consultation.

        If you are reading this, we are so sorry that you are going through these challenging times. No matter your feelings on the divorce, child custody or other situation, it is still a difficult time for those involved, including your parents and the rest of your family. This challenging situation you are going through may have introduced some uncertainties in your life.

        You might be asking yourself:

        • How do you get divorced?
        • How do you divide your assets?
        • Am I eligible to receive alimony?
        • How is child custody and parenting time decided?
        • Am I eligible to receive child support?

        You need to be able to focus on getting you and your family though this challenging time. You need someone you trust and whom you can count on to act in your best interests.

        New Jersey Family Law Attorneys: Who Pays Alimony?

        Alimony is usually involved with marriages that lasted for a longer period of time. There are several things that go into deciding what kind of alimony someone will receive. You might be paying or receiving alimony temporarily or permanently. It depends on a few things, such as the length of the marriage, how much one party was financially dependent on the other, what each living situation is going to look like after the divorce, etc.

        Any questions that you have about alimony can be answered by one of our New Jersey family law attorneys. Please note that alimony is enforced; it is not something that you can pay without court involvement. Having a lawyer to help you through the process can make sure that you either receive or pay alimony in a fair manner.

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        New Jersey Family Law Attorneys: What You Should Know About Child Support 

        Child support is going to be decided by the court. Having a lawyer help you with the process can help ensure you get a fair result that is not only fair to each parent but to the children. During a split, the goal is to make sure the children are going to be able to continue to live in a situation that they are accustomed to. The factors that go into deciding who pays child support is going to be closely related to who has custody of the child. If there is joint custody, there may not be child support. If there is one sole custodial parent, the other parent likely will pay them child support.

        The amount of child support will be decided based on the income of both parents, as well as how much money they have left over after paying their debts. The cost of raising the child or children is going to be considered. Things like clothes, food, health care, etc. are all factors in how much child support will be due.

        New Jersey Family Law Attorneys: How Child Custody is Decided

        Child custody is going to be a very emotional issue for most people. Custody will be granted in a way that is fair to the child or children. The court will decide on two aspects of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is going to be the parent who the child lives with. They will be the parent the child spends their time with. Legal custody is very distinctly different. Legal custody deals with things like decisions about education, healthcare, etc. Both parents could have legal custody while one or the other has physical custody.

        This is likely going to be a tough time for everyone involved. Having the help of one of our New Jersey family law attorneys is going to be essential. Without the help of a lawyer, your own input may not be fairly considered.

        Family Law New Jersey Attorneys: Tips for an Easier Divorce

        Divorce can be a very difficult thing to get through. We stand by you during this difficult time. Having the help of one of our family law attorneys for your divorce can make everything much easier. Here are a couple of tips to help you anticipate what you might encounter:

        Do not post about this situation on Facebook or any other social media platform, especially if it is something nasty about your soon to be ex. It won’t reflect well on you. You would not want your social media posts to be used against you in court when you’re trying to deal with the divorce. It is not going to be helpful.

        A great way to deal with frustration during the divorce is to journal or even to consider talking to a therapist to make this time a little bit easier on you.

        Don’t bad mouth your soon-to-be-ex to your children. That is still their parent and you don’t want to give them an idea that you hate their parent. You may damage your own relationship with them.

        You Need A Protector, A Guardian, A Champion.

        Divorces, questions of child custody and even the conversation of child support can bring a side of a person you might not recognize and you need to have someone by your side supporting you and helping both parties come to an agreement or have the court make a decision for both of you.

        Our team of Family Law New Jersey attorneys include two certified matrimonial attorneys, along with a court approved divorce mediator. Callagy Law is one of only two law firms (yes, only 2) in the United States to have 2 Top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014 and 2016, including Arizona’s 2016 Top Jury Verdict. Our Medical Revenue Recovery Team has recovered over $300 million for our medical provider clients, $50 million being in just 2017 alone.

        *Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.  

        “This law firm really will change the way you feel about lawyers. You won’t find better representation anywhere else and the caring, urgency, and aggression are absolutely unmatched. You do not want another firm in your corner. You want this one.” – Chris M.
        *Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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