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How did you end up getting into the world of family law?


People often ask us: How did you end up getting into the world of family law? I tell the story of meeting Brian McCann and Chris Cavalli. I met these guys. One of the most frustrating things in the law, and in medicine, and any professional practice is that people can’t distinguish and differentiate between who’s really great at doing the job, who’s okay at doing the job, who’s terrible doing the job, and who’s masterful and world class. It’s really hard. How do you know if your surgeon is a great surgeon? Your friend told you because they had surgery with that person? It’s really hard to figure out. It’s, I think, even harder when you’re dealing with lawyers – or at least as hard when you’re dealing with lawyers.

I meet Chris Cavalli and Brian McCann on a ski networking trip a couple years ago. Actually, it was four years ago. I found out that these very nice guys were incredibly caring, urgent, and aggressive. I found that out because I knew somebody who worked as a court-appointed expert. He knew them. He told me that these guys are terrible marketers but unbelievable attorneys. They have a good, successful practice because they get referred cases from their clients all the time.

In terms of growing the practice to the next level and really it being consistent with their skill level, they need some understanding of how to get that message that message out there. They’re just working within the circle of clients that really love them and refer to them. They have a wonderful business, but they really want to take it to the next level. I started talking to Chris and Brian. It was really fortunate that they came on board with Callagy Law.

Callagy's Family Law PracticeThe thing that struck me about them is we could all tell these stories, but when you hear their clients, and when you go on Facebook, or you go on Google, and you see the client reviews that have come from Chris Cavalli and Brian McCann’s clients here at Callagy Law, it’s mind blowing. You hear these clients. It would be nice if they wrote a review. They write pages or in-depth things about the level of empathy, the connection they felt, the aggression they felt walking through this process. I’m so incredibly proud to have Chris and Brian here, not only because they’re certified matrimonial attorneys, and there’s very few of those. Not only because they clerked and worked inside of courthouses, but because of the results they get for their clients.

Finally, I had a family member that I referred them to work with. They were messing around with this attorney down in south Jersey for a year and change, getting absolutely nowhere, getting billed like crazy. Chris Cavalli jumps into the situation, and in 30 days he put the case to bed. It was utterly unbelievable. When you think about Callagy Law,think family law.

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