New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

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    New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

    Do You Need Legal Help?

      New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

      Do You Need Legal Help?

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        New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

        Offices in Paramus and Jersey City

        Pedestrians are seriously injured in New Jersey every day by careless drivers. It’s baffling to know most of these accidents could have been prevented, had the people behind the wheel been more careful.

        If you’re on this page, you may have been badly hurt in a pedestrian accident. You’re probably in pain and most likely out of work as you begin a long, slow recovery. Just thinking about a pedestrian accident claim probably has you feeling overwhelmed and wondering who you can turn to for help.

        We want to help you through this, and we’ll give you free legal advice. Call our New Jersey pedestrian accident lawyers today to get answers about your case.

        You don’t have to worry about paying upfront. Please call any time to set up a free legal consultation.

        The information on this page will teach you about pedestrian accident claims. We’ll get started by reviewing the most common mistakes people make in New Jersey after pedestrian accidents. Next, we’ll use a story to help illustrate some of the other things you need to understand about your pedestrian accident claim.

        Common Pedestrian Accident Claim Mistakes

        There are many errors you can make that can put your pedestrian accident claim at risk. Please read through the mistakes below to avoid making them yourself.

        Not Going to the Hospital

        It may seem unfathomable not to seek medical treatment after getting hit by a car, but it happens. The adrenaline rush that accompanies accidents often raises a person’s pain threshold. In the aftermath of the event, some people don’t even realize how badly they’re hurt.

        You do not want to come down off of that high several hours later to realize you’re in pain from an internal injury or have a concussion. Getting checked out is vital to protecting your physical health, as well as the strength of your pedestrian accident case.

        The insurance company tasked with compensating you for your injuries will look for ways to lower that payout. If they find that you didn’t seek medical evaluation after the accident, you’ve just given them an opening to suggest that any injuries you later turned up with were unrelated to the accident.

        Don’t give the insurance provider this opportunity. Seek medical care immediately after the accident.

        Getting Complacent About Your Follow Up Care

        When you get released from the hospital, you may be so eager to get back to some semblance of normalcy in your life. Physical therapy appointments may feel like an inconvenience. Or, you may make the mistake that so many do by not completely finishing the course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

        Don’t put yourself in the position of getting a secondary infection because you stopped your antibiotics the day after you got home. This is a big opportunity for the insurance company to blame you for any ailments you suffer from after the accident.

        Providing a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster

        The liable party’s insurance company is sure to call not long after your accident. Not because they care— they don’t. What they care about is saving money.

        This means that the recorded statement the insurance company is sure to ask for is for the purpose of giving them something— anything— that can be used to their advantage in lowering the value of your claim.

        Don’t give them the chance. When the insurance adjuster calls, we recommend you say a polite, “No thanks” and then hang up.

        Despite how they may try to make you feel, you are under no obligation to speak with the insurance company. This is a great job for your pedestrian accident lawyer.

        Waiting to Contact a Lawyer

        Putting off finding the right lawyer for your case is a big mistake The best time to get started on your claim is when you feel like you have plenty of time to get a claim started. This is because building a strong case with a solid foundation takes time and good evidence. The longer you wait, the less you’ll have of both.

        Evidence can dissipate quickly, especially at the scene of an accident. It won’t be too long before people are walking back down that street, or the vehicle involved is repaired. You can’t expect the liable party to diligently take photos of the damage your body did to their vehicle when they hit you.

        Your pedestrian accident lawyers will want to collect as much evidence for your case as possible, including witness statements, and maybe even witness videos of the accident.

        The more time you give your New Jersey pedestrian accident layer to gather evidence, the stronger your case will be.

        Choosing the Wrong Lawyer for Your Case

        A lot of people mistakenly think that all lawyers can provide the same level of excellence. This may be true, but only in their area of the law. There are dozens of practice areas within the law. Each has its own unique base of case history precedents, as well as rules, regulations, and restrictions.

        A small business lawyer is not the best person to take on your pedestrian accident claim. Neither is a criminal lawyer, or any other type of lawyer who does not have experience handling your type of claim.

        Don’t shortchange your case. Give it the best chance for success with an experienced personal injury attorney who can successfully handle your pedestrian accident claim— even in the courtroom, if necessary.


        New Jersey Pedestrian Injury Client Story

        The purpose of the following story is to teach you the basics about your pedestrian accident case. We recommend reading it to the end. The names and specifics of the case have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy, but the value remains the same. When you are through, please take advantage of getting free answers to questions about your specific case. Call us for a free legal consultation.

        On a sunny morning in early June a few years ago, Malcolm Larkin hopped onto a school bus in Paramus to help chaperone his daughter’s third grade class on a field trip to the zoo.

        Malcolm’s job as a logistics manager at a local pharmaceutical company had been chaotic in recent weeks, and he was looking forward to a day wandering through the habitat exhibits with Celia and her classmates. She loved to watch the lion tamarins, and had been watching videos of them all week on YouTube.

        Malcolm laughed as he watched her bouncing in her seat with her friends, imitating the tamarin’s characteristic “peep peep” calls.

        The zoo visit went smoothly, to the relief of teachers and chaperones alike. They were pleased to see that the children had worn themselves out over the course of the day. Only quiet murmurs floated from the line of exhausted children as they boarded the bus for home.

        “Well, that went well,” Malcolm said to Celia’s teacher, Ms. Millbrook, watching the children climb the bus steps.

        “It did. I think we can look forward to a lot of sleepy children on the way home,” she replied with a smile.

        As the chaperones watched the last student board the bus, one of the kids jumped back into the parking lot and ran up to Ms. Millbrook.

        “Allie forgot her backpack by the sloths,” the girl said, breathlessly.

        “That’s okay, I’ll get it,” Malcolm offered. He turned and jogged back around the building to the entrance, just as the impatient driver of a silver compact swerved around the idling bus and barreled into him.

        Malcolm was thrown up and backward against the car’s windshield. He would have rolled off as the car screeched to a halt, but his left foot had shattered the windshield, holding him in place.

        Ms. Millbrook looked on in horror as the accident unfolded 20 years away. She had the 911 operator on the line before she even reached Malcolm.

        “Don’t let the kids see this,” Malcolm said lying on the windshield waiting for the first responders. Thankfully, the bus was parked on the side of the building and the children were unaware of what had happened.

        “Don’t worry,” Ms. Millbrook answered as she hung up a second quick call to the other teacher on the bus. “Your wife is on her way to pick up Celia. We had the bus head back to school, and Mrs. Nelson is taking Celia back to see the tamarins again until Amy arrives. She told Amy that you two were staying behind to have a little extra time in the Tamarin house, and she hasn’t asked any questions yet.”

        A few moments later, they heard sirens coming through the entrance gates.

        Malcolm had managed to protect his head by putting his arms up when he was tossed into the air, but he suffered numerous injuries in the accident.

        In addition to deep bruising, Malcolm had a broken right femur and elbow. His left heel and ankle were broken when his foot shattered the car’s windshield, and the Achilles tendon on that foot was severed by the car’s sudden stop.

        Malcolm was in a lot of pain.

        Amy called our law offices three days later, when Malcolm came home from the hospital. They were interested in a pedestrian accident case, but first they needed answers. Their biggest concerns were how much it would cost to hire us, what Malcolm’s case was worth, and how long it would take to receive compensation.

        How much will it cost to hire a lawyer?

        Malcolm would be unable to walk for several months, so we met the Larkins at their home in Paramus.

        Amy greeted us at the doorway of their sleek, three-bedroom mid-century modern home. Our lawyer complimented Amy on the lovely home, and she smiled.

        “Thank you, Malcolm finished restoring it last summer,” Amy replied with pride. “He loves spending time working on projects in his workshop out back.”

        We crossed the tiled entry and Amy led us to a large round table in an airy dining room. The entire wall beside the table was made of glass, through which we could see Malcolm’s workshop across a manicured lawn.

        Malcolm was already at the table, waiting. He tracked our lawyer’s gaze out to his workshop.

        “It’s going to be a while before I can get back in there,” he sighed. As we sat, Malcolm made a crooked smile and said, “Before you get too comfortable, how much will hiring you cost?”

        Laughing, our lawyer assured the Larkins that there would be no upfront cost.

        “We work on a contingency basis. We’ll cover all case expenses, and only get paid when we wrap up your case successfully,” he said.

        “Well, that’s good news,” Amy said, passing hot coffee all around. “Malcolm can work from home for the next four months, but in a reduced capacity, since many of his duties involve being on site at the plant. His paychecks will be shrinking for the foreseeable future.”

        How much is my case worth?

         Malcolm’s next question was, “How much do you think my case is worth?”

        “It’s hard to say upfront,” our lawyer answered. “Before we can give you an accurate answer, we need to make an accurate evaluation of your damages. We’ll also need to conduct an accident investigation.”

        We explained that an investigation would involve speaking to witnesses and gathering evidence at the scene. We could begin the process immediately upon being hired, and we’d also get all the paperwork started, preparing the case as if it were going to trial.

        “What we need you to do, Malcolm, is put your energy toward recovery,” we told him, “We’ll need you to reach maximum medical improvement in order to know what your damages are.”

        “Maximum medical improvement is the point at which your doctor can conclusively tell us that you’ve made a full recovery, or that you’ve reached the maximum level of recovery possible, given your injuries,” we then explained. “After we’ve done an investigation and assessed your economic and non-economic damages, we’ll be able to tell you the value of your pedestrian accident claim.”

        “Fair enough,” Malcolm responded, looking down at the wheelchair.

        How long will my pedestrian accident claim take?

        Malcolm had lapsed into frustrated silence. Amy stood up to refill the coffee mugs, asking, “How long will a case like this take? Anything Malcolm can do to ‘manage the logistics’ of his case?” she asked, earning a smirk from her husband, in spite of himself.

        “Unfortunately, it’s tough to give you a timeframe this early on. Before we know that, we’ll need to understand the damages we mentioned. We will also need to know whether the insurance company is going to be fair and work with us.” Our lawyer answered, adding, “Malcolm, your dedication to achieving maximum medical improvement is the most important thing you can do toward us getting answers.”

        “What happens if the insurance company isn’t in the mood to be fair?” Amy asked, pouring the second round of steaming Kona coffee.

        “Then we take them to court,” the lawyer responded matter-of-factly, adding, “Don’t let that worry you; we’ve handled many pedestrian accident cases, both in and out of court. The insurance companies are well aware of what they’ll be up against if we take this case to a jury. More likely than not, if we put the case in suit, they’ll ask to settle.”

        “Either way your case goes, our firm will prepare it from the start as if it’s going to court. That’s why you’ll get the best result by making sure the lawyer you hire is not only experienced in pedestrian accidents, but skilled at trial.”

        The couple made eye contact over their mugs. Malcolm gave Amy a small nod.

        “Okay, let’s get started,” he said with a smile.

        The Larkins retained our firm then and there. As it turns out, Malcolm’s case did go to trial, and the Larkins were stunned by the amount he was awarded after we made his case to a jury.

        Call Our New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Today

        Hopefully, this story has answered a few of your questions and given you insight into the basics of your pedestrian accident claim. Each case is unique, though, so it’s important to find out more about your own specific case. Remember, you don’t have to do this by yourself. Call us for free legal advice about your case today.

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        *Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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