New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

Do You Need Legal Help?

    New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

    Do You Need Legal Help?

      New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

      Do You Need Legal Help?

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        New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

        Offices in Paramus and Jersey City

        When truck accidents happen, the victims can be irreparably harmed. Your life may never look the same. No one deserves to be in this type of pain and suffering.

        We are very sorry if you have been severely injured in a truck accident. You deserve to seek justice. Our New Jersey truck accident lawyers can help you get the results you deserve.

        Please call us right away for a free first consultation. 

        The Parties Involved in a Truck Accident Case

        There are two sides to a truck accident case: the plaintiff’s side and the liable party’s side.

        On the plaintiff’s side, you have, obviously, the plaintiff, as well as their truck accident lawyer. The liable party’s side involves the liable party, of course, as well as their insurance company.

        The liable party in a truck accident is far more complicated than, say, a car accident. Truck drivers could be the liable party if they were operating the truck negligently. There are more scenarios with a truck that could end up with an accident that hurts someone.

        The truck driver’s employer might make them work too many hours, which could result in them being overtired and feeling pressured to drive in that condition. Then the liable party might be their employer. You also might be looking at the party who loaded the truck. If there was a problem with how it was loaded, that party may be at fault for the accident.

        Truck accidents are very complex and have a lot of possible liable parties. Ensure that you are getting the help you need from a truck accident lawyer who has experience with these types of cases.

        You don’t want someone who hasn’t represented a case like this before to be your lawyer. You only get one shot at compensation. Be sure you trust your lawyer to get you a full and fair result.

        The Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making If You Want a Fair Result

        When you are involved in a truck accident, there is going to be a ton of evidence at the scene of the accident. If you are not physically able to collect this evidence yourself, have a friend/family member/lawyer come onto the scene for you and collect evidence. That includes taking photos and videos, getting witness contact information, and calling authorities to the scene.

        Our New Jersey truck accident lawyers are also able to collect evidence on your behalf, such as CCTV, the truck’s black box, and expert witness testimony.

        A huge mistake you never want to make is talking to the liable party’s insurance company. They are most likely going to reach out to you very quickly after your truck accident. You may even still be healing in the hospital when they reach out to you. They know you are vulnerable, and they are going to try to make it seem like your cooperation will help them resolve your claim.

        They want you to give them a recorded statement. Do NOT give them one. They are not there to help you get the results you deserve. They are asking you for a statement solely because they want you to say something that hurts your claim.

        Perhaps the worst thing you can do is avoid or delay seeking medical care. You are likely in a lot of pain. It is hard to deal with being in that much pain. You should not ignore your pain. We understand that you have a lot of priorities in your life, but you have to put your well-being at the top of that list.

        The insurance company is not going to be as understanding. They will see a delay in seeking medical care as a way to claim that your injuries weren’t so bad. They may also claim that it is proof that you got injured in a different way.

        Lastly, a mistake we hope you do not make is trying to go through this process without the help of one of our New Jersey truck accident lawyers.

        Truck accident cases are so complex. They require expertise and skill. You likely don’t have the time to become an expert on truck accident litigation while you’re trying to heal simultaneously.

        Allow our New Jersey truck accident lawyers to take the lead and help you get the results you deserve. Don’t try to do this alone.

        “This law firm really will change the way you feel about lawyers. You won’t find better representation anywhere else and the caring, urgency, and aggression are absolutely unmatched. You do not want another firm in your corner. You want this one.” – Chris M.

        *Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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