New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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    New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

    Do You Need Legal Help?

      New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

      Do You Need Legal Help?

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        New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

        Offices in Paramus and Jersey City

        When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you are often severely injured. If this injury happened because somebody else on the road was careless or negligent, you are eligible for compensation. Our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers want to help you get the justice that you deserve. No one should have to deal with pain and suffering from an incident like this.

        Motorcycle accidents can be one of the most dangerous types of accidents out there. It’s you and the road. A benefit when it comes to riding, but at the cost of protective armor when it comes to having an accident.

        If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident, please know that you are not alone and that we are so sorry that you have to go through this.

        In addition, you may also be feeling stress from the emotional pain this accident has put you and your loved ones in, the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and so many unanswered questions, like:

        • Who will pay for my medical treatment?
        • Who will pay for the damage to my motorcycle?
        • Who will pay for my loss of time from work?
        • Will my insurance rates go up?

        Focus on getting well, not on what happened.

        The Parties Involved in a Motorcycle Accident Case

        There are four general parties involved in a motorcycle accident case. First, you have the plaintiff. The plaintiff is you. You are the injured victims in the motorcycle accident. You are going to be able to bill for compensation.

        Next, there is the liable party. In a motorcycle accident, it is usually another vehicle on the road that is acting carelessly or negligently. You are going to hold them responsible for causing the accident. They are the at fault party.

        The liable party is going to be represented by their insurance company, who is responsible for giving you your compensation award. They are going to give you a hard time while you are trying to seek justice for the damages that their insured cost you.

        Your motorcycle accident lawyer is going to be fighting for your rights to full and fair compensation. They are the party in this case that is going to be fighting for justice.

        Tips for a Successful Motorcycle Accident Case

        The very first thing that you should do after you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, if you are able to, is collect evidence on the scene. If you are not able to be at the scene, you can have somebody come to the scene to collect evidence on your behalf. That could be a lawyer, friend, or family member. Evidence that you can collect includes photos and videos of the scene. You also want to get witness contact information.

        From there, the most important thing that you should do is get immediate medical attention. Do not wait to go to the emergency room or to an urgent care facility. You may even go to your primary care physician. The important thing is that you go immediately. You want to see what damage has been done to your person. If you do not get immediate medical attention, the insurance company is going to think that you lied about how you got your injuries or how severe your injuries are. Don’t give them any reason to try to reduce your claim or throw it out.

        Lastly, do not talk to the insurance company about your case. That is very important for you to remember. They are going to reach out to you very shortly after your motorcycle accident looking for a recorded statement. Do not give them one. You are under no legal obligation to talk to them about your case. They are trained to ask you questions to get answers that they can use against you so that they can reduce or throw out your case. Allow one of our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers to take over communication with them.

        Challenges You Will Face in a Motorcycle Accident Case

        Perhaps the most challenging part of a motorcycle accident case is the injury you are suffering from. You may not be able to return to work yet. You may have a loss of enjoyment of life. You may feel like you’re helpless. We are sympathetic to this. No one should have to go through what you’re going through. Make sure you treat your health as the number one priority.

        The insurance company is going to create obstacles for you between trying to reduce your claim and throwing it out. Our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers know the tactics that the insurance company uses to try to get rid of you. We’re going to work tirelessly to make sure you get justice. They’re going to try to give you a low settlement just to get rid of your case. We won’t accept that. We won’t accept an offer that doesn’t compensate you for the immense damages you are suffering from.

        Please don’t try to do this by yourself without the help of experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers. These cases are complicated. There’s a bias against motorcyclists that makes these cases even harder than, say, a car accident. Be sure that you are hiring the right motorcycle accident attorney to take on your case and do it right.

        “This law firm really will change the way you feel about lawyers. You won’t find better representation anywhere else and the caring, urgency, and aggression are absolutely unmatched. You do not want another firm in your corner. You want this one.” – Chris M.

        Call Our New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Today

        If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident due to somebody else’s negligence, please give us a call right away. We want to get to work fighting for your justice as soon as possible. You deserve to have New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers who care about your case as if you were family. Call today for a free consultation.

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