What You Should Know About Your Personal Injury Claim

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Personal Injury Case Settlement Timeline

What You Should Know About Your Personal Injury ClaimThe other day one of our attorneys met with a client,and his wife, actually, and the wife wanted to know how long the case would take before resolution. Obviously, a personal injury case impacts not only the injured person themselves but, of course, their family members. The answer to that question really is, especially in the early stages of the case, that it’s an unknown. If any attorney tries to tell you that a personal injury case takes a certain amount of time, you really should run out of that office. It is very, very difficult to determine that, especially early on. Why?

Well, the resolution or settlement of a case depends on multiple factors. First of all, it depends on the nature of the injury, the amount of treatment that you need, and whether or not you will need surgery. It also depends on the insurance company you’re actually dealing with and whether or not they’re being reasonable in any settlement offers they may propose.

There’s a lot of factors that go into determining how long a case will take. The most important thing to look for is that the attorney you’re selecting is not doing anything to delay the prosecution of the case and is taking all the steps necessary to bring the case to resolution. There are multiple factors involved, including, for example, if you are not able to reach a settlement with the insurance company, then suit has to be filed. That, of course, gets listed by the court. Depending how busy the docket is, sometimes cases are adjourned more than once. Typically, if push comes to shove, you say a case can take anywhere between six months to four years, but even that is just a guess and not a real answer.

The concern should be to get the treatment that you need because you don’t want to settle a case to prematurely. God forbid, you think you’re okay, you settle a case, you accept a certain dollar amount, and then you find out a month later or six months later that you need more treatment; perhaps you need more procedures. It’s really hard to give a precise answer about the length of a case.

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Personal Injury Case Value

The other day we had a call from a potential client who said, “I was just involved in a car accident. I reached out to an attorney and he indicated to me that he thinks my case is worth X amount. What do you think?” It’s always shocking when attorneys tell clients what a case is worth very early on, right after you had an accident. When this happens, whether or not you decide to come to Callagy Law, run out of that office as fast as you can. That is a determination that has to be made after so many pieces and elements of evidence about the case.

The value of the case depends on the nature of the injury, for one. If you just had an accident a day ago, a week ago or a month ago, we still don’t know the extent of the injury and the treatment, so it depends on the nature of the injury. It depends on the treatment. Did you just receive conservative treatment by way of, perhaps, physical therapy, or did you have to undergo injections or procedures?

It depends on so many other factors, too – the age, your prior history, prior injuries, and many other factors, including, of course, the liability aspect of the case. How did the accident happen, the damage? With all the factors that go into evaluating the value of a case, if any attorney is telling you your case is worth X amount of money early on, you ought to seriously question that. They likely don’t have any other motivation than being able to entice you to retain them. Be careful of that.

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What To Do After a Personal Injury Accident

Sometimes when clients come to our office for representation, we will ask certain questions that they don’t know the answers to. It becomes obvious to us that that’s due to a lack of knowledge or understanding of what steps to take after a personal injury accident. I just wanted to put this information out there, helpful information for if you are involved in an accident and you’re hurt.

First and foremost, of course, take care of your health. Go to the hospital, and call the ambulance if you’re able to. You want to make sure that is done. You want to take pictures of the scene. If it’s a car accident, take pictures of your car, the other car. If it’s a fall-down, take pictures of the premises where the accident occurred. You want to make sure that you take the names and addresses of any witnesses that may be present. You want to keep a diary or journal of what is going on and what is happening, so that if you decide to file a claim – whether it’s a month from now or six months from now – then you have that information readily available.

You also want to be careful about talking to the insurance company. It’s very important to seek the advice of an attorney before you talk to the insurance company because anything you say they will use as a statement of admission against you. You want to make sure that you’re getting the treatment that you need. A lot of times, even though you’re feeling pain and we’re hurt, you may put off going to the doctor. Remember, if you were to file a personal injury claim, one of the first things that the insurance companies use against you is, “If you were really hurt, why didn’t you go the emergency room?” or “If you were really hurt, why did you wait a month to go to the doctor?” It’s very important that you take care of your health.

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