New Jersey Child Support Attorneys

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    New Jersey Child Support Attorneys

    Do You Need Legal Help?

      New Jersey Child Support Attorneys

      Do You Need Legal Help?

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        New Jersey Child Support Attorneys

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        Going through a split is an emotionally draining process, and worrying about child support is something no one wants to have to do. This is a serious concern that a lot of people have when they’re splitting from their child’s parent. This issue is going to affect you and your child for a while. Working out child support is a taxing process. Our New Jersey child support lawyers want to help you through this very stressful time in your life. Please call us today. We can help ease your stress.

        Understanding How Child Support Works

         No two cases involving child support are going to be identical. The amount of money involved is going to be based on each parent’s finances, the living situation they’re accustomed to, what is in the best interest of the children, and so on. Our New Jersey child support lawyers are dedicated and supportive. We want to help you.

        In terms of the law, parents have an obligation to be a financial support to their kids for as long as they are minors or living with a parent or in high school. There can be situations in which each parent agrees to have child support continue on through the child’s years of higher education.

        Child support is enforced through the law. If it is not paid, you can get in serious trouble.

        The court is going to look at several different factors when determining how much child support is going to be owed by the paying parent. A huge factor that goes into which parent will pay is how much income each of them takes in on a monthly basis and what their debts are going to be. There is a table that the courts will use in order to determine what is owed. There are formulas and income numbers that go into the table that comes out with a result. This result is not always the end of determining how much child support there will be. The court is going to be looking at a few other things to adjust this figure, as well, so that they come out with an order that is fair to everyone involved.

        They will consider:

        • If one parent is already in a child support agreement from a previous court process
        • The cost of caring for the child, including things like daycare and medical expenses
        • If one of the parties is self-employed

        From there, they will be looking to adjust the payment, if need be. The court will look at:

        • The custody agreement which shows how much time the noncustodial parent will spend with the kids
        • If either of the spouses have an alimony agreement
        • Whether or not one of the spouses is going to be taking care of the mortgage for another spouse
        • If one of the spouses has a medical condition that requires extraordinary medical expenses
        • Whether or not there’s going to be a cost for travel if there is a great distance to get the kids to the noncustodial parent for visiting

        Child Support Eligibility and Application

         Some people might be in a situation where they are dealing with child support but were never married to the other parent. You might wonder if it’s different. Technically, no— if you are dealing with a child support issue, there won’t be much of a difference between what would happen if you were married or if you weren’t because it’s based on what is best for the child. It is virtually the same process.

        Modifications to child support can be made if one of the parents is going through a significant change in their financial situation, such as a job loss or a significant promotion. Obviously, we can’t predict these things so a modification can be made at any time after the first child support agreement is made. If there is more than one change that needs to happen after the first child support agreement, you should certainly talk to our New Jersey child support lawyers to discuss what you should do.

        Please reach out as soon as you can if you are looking to get a modification or adjustment to your child support agreement. If a change needs to be made, you need to address this as soon as possible so that there aren’t any extra issues or bumps in the road. A change can be made temporarily or permanently.

        Be aware that you should not compare your situation to anyone who might have already gone through child support. Every single case is going to be different. Your circumstances are going to dictate what happens.

        Call Our New Jersey Child Support Lawyers Right Away

         This is a difficult time for anyone to go through. Our New Jersey child support lawyers want to help. Please call us as soon as you can. Let us help you make this an easier time.

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