What Is Cohabitation?

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The Definition of Cohabitation:

The definition of cohabitation is defined as an intimate personal relationship in which the couple shares duties and privileges normally associated with a marriage or civil union. That is the legal definition. When cohabitating exists, a former spouse has the ability to seek a termination or suspension of alimony that’s being paid.

People often wonder how they can prove cohabiting. It’s not always an easy thing to prove. We look at things like social media. We will go on Facebook pages, and we’ll see if the couple is vacationing together, if they’re recognized in their social circles as a couple, if they’re at special events together. We will oftentimes hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance and go to a household and see if it’s a boyfriend that is mowing the lawn or doing repairs around the household or other kind of household chores that you would normally associate with a married couple or a civil union.

What Is Cohabitation?We’ll also look to intertwined finances. That takes a next step that has to go to the court process, but if they’re sharing expenses, if there’s a joint bank account, if a vehicle is registered at an address, we’ll look at those things to prove. Importantly, cohabitant does not mean that they are living together. We do not have to show that they have a common household. It is not something that is critical in proving that they are actually living together.

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