Should I Mediate My Family Law Issues?

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Should I mediate my family law issues?


People ask all the time if they should mediate their family law issues. The answer is, absolutely. You should mediate your family law issues, whether those are divorce issues or post-judgment issues. Mediation is an excellent way to reach resolution without spending a ton of money and without going to court a bunch of times and arguing left and right over every issue. Recently, I had a case, and it looked like it was heading towards litigation, and the parties were really far apart on every issue. They had financial issues, which involved real estate holdings, business interests, stock options, retirement accounts, and the parties could not see eye to eye on any of these issues. Early in the process, my adversary and I discussed going to mediation, and we selected a great mediator, and our clients agreed to go to mediation, and literally, within three sessions of mediation, we resolved the case. We resolved the entire case, which would have taken over a year and may have been a ten-fold in costs to litigate. The parties were able to come up with creative solutions with our help, of course, and the mediator’s help, which the court would’ve never ever implemented in a case such as this.

Should I Mediate My Family Law Issues?Mediation is great because the parties feel like they are part of the process. They’re negotiating. They’re in an environment where they can come up with solutions and throw out ideas and know it’s confidential. Those ideas and thoughts can’t be used against them. They reach resolutions that they decide, not a judge deciding. They decide this is the resolution, and what’s great about it is people all the time, way more often, are going to actually follow and comply what they agreed to rather than if a judge gives them a decision, and they want to appeal it, or they want to try to find a way around it. Mediation is great. I am a mediator. I mediate cases. I mediate cases with attorneys, without attorneys. I assist my clients in mediation, and it is a great way to resolve your case, save money, and save mental anguish. If you have case or you know anyone who has a case that could use mediation services, then please call Callagy Law at 201-261-1700 and schedule an appointment.

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