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Family Law TestimonialThe second I walked into this office, I really felt a sense of family from all of you, from you especially. I really liked that, and not only for our family, but I’ve also referred other cases here for other reasons. I ultimately went with a big name law firm. Chris was my attorney that was assigned to my case. After our first meeting, we just connected right away. He gave me a sense of assurance. He kept me calm; he kept me very well informed. I only worked with him from that point going forward. I always say I had the best lawyer in Barton County for family law. When they say why, what I say about Chris is that you just know that he is very well liked, and very well received in the Barton County courts period. The law team here is exceptional. There’s no other team out there that’s willing to put the needs of their clients first. If anybody is looking for a lawyer for any reason, I would always recommend Callagy Law because the second you walk in there, you are going to feel that sense of family, that sense of urgency, that sense of caring. You will know as soon as you walk in there that your case will be handled only with the utmost care.

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