Cannot Attend Family Court

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What should I do if I can’t make it to family court?


We often get a call from a client or a potential client saying, “I can’t make it to family court. I’ve had a hearing scheduled or I have a case management conference scheduled. I just can’t physically appear. What can I do?” That comes up a lot, not only with litigants but also attorneys that can’t make a scheduled date, and usually you have to request an adjournment. You have to go through the adversary, the other attorney, or if it’s a pro se adversary, your spouse or the mother/father on the other side and say, “Is it okay if we move this court date back a couple of weeks so I can physically appear?” Generally, it’s not a problem.

Adjourning a case management conference or a hearing is not a problem, especially if you have the consent of the other side. It’s not an issue. We do it a lot. It happens frequently in the system, so it’s not something I would ever say, “You really need to worry about it. You really need to appear there.” Of course, there are going to be times where your appearance is absolutely mandatory and things can’t be moved around, but generally the courts work with attorneys and litigants to make sure that everybody can be present at that time.

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