Alimony Changes After Divorce

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What reasons can change an alimony award after divorce?


Recently, a client asked about the circumstances in which a judge might change an alimony award after a divorce. That’s going to be dependent on a number of things. First, you go to look to your marital settlement agreement to see what the specifics are. Often your agreement will spell out what a change could look like, in terms of the termination or the modification of alimony. Alimony is only for a term, so at the end of the term, that means that alimony is done.

Alimony could also terminate in the event of remarriage of the recipient spouse or sometimes co-habitation, depending on what that looks like. Also, if there’s a significant change in financial circumstances of really either party, that would also be an occasion for which it would be appropriate to either modify or terminate alimony.

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