5 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Divorce Case

Are you in the divorce process and have questions? Learn these 5 ways to get ahead on your divorce case, then call our Callagy Law attorneys.

1. The Many Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

5 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Divorce CaseThere are a lot of grounds for divorce in New Jersey, including things like adultery, extreme cruelty, and even things like deviant sexual behavior, habitual drunkenness, and abandonment. By and large, however, almost all of the divorce cases that are filed now are on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Clients do come into our offices a lot when their husband or wife has been cheating on them and ask about the other grounds, especially adultery and, in some cases, extreme cruelty. For the most part, the courts are more focused on, first, the children and, second, the finances in the matter and not the actual cause of action. After discussing it with our clients, 90% of the time we file on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. There are exceptions.

If there is a marital waste claim that is significant, sometimes we will use the adultery claim because a lot of times that marital waste is spent on that girlfriend or boyfriend of the spouse. In cases where child custody is at issue and there’s actual physical abuse, we may file on the extreme cruelty grounds as well. By and large, 95 to almost maybe even 99% of the time, we file under irreconcilable differences and try to refocus and focus on the issues in the case.

2. What Is A Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

In New Jersey, each practice area has the ability to become a certified attorney in that area. At Callagy Law, our partners include certified matrimonial law attorneys in New Jersey. That means we’ve been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as matrimonial law attorneys. We needed to go through an extensive application process and testing process to get our certification. In fact, the application was about 65 pages. You had to list a number of judges you’ve appeared before and tried cases before, adversaries that you had cases with and tried cases with, and the Supreme Court committee actually contacted all of those judges and adversaries and asked them questions about us. After the application was processed and granted, we then had to sit for an all-day test. The test was a number of essays, obviously all on matrimonial law issues, and they were graded. If you passed, you then became a certified matrimonial law attorney.

Every five years, we need to recertify ourselves by filling out a new application showing that we are continuing to exclusively practice matrimonial law and that we’ve had the required number of cases and trials. It is an ongoing process. We are definitely held to a higher standard than a general lawyer when it comes to our expertise and our practice area, and it is a pretty exclusive group of attorneys. There are less than 300 certified matrimonial law attorneys in New Jersey. It means that we exclusively practice family law and have done it for a long time.

Our family law department is devoted to family law matters. We believe that any client, especially clients with complicated divorce issues or post-judgment issues should be hiring a certified matrimonial lawyer.

3. Why You Need a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

We are certified matrimonial law attorneys at Callagy Law. This is a designation that less than two percent of the family law attorneys in the state of New Jersey holds. It means that our attorneys underwent a test that is provided by the state of New Jersey with essays and multiple choice covering all areas of family law. It was an excruciating test that we have to have ten or more years of experience; that we’ve had to tried a certain amount of cases to conclusion; that we’ve had to handle all aspects of matrimonial law, from alimony and custody, to parenting time, to equitable distribution, to domestic violence cases; that we’ve had to have speaking engagements where we spoke in front of people about family law related issues; and that we’ve written articles about family law related issues for the New Jersey Law Journal or other publications; and that we’ve had to do all of this over the course of ten or more years to become certified matrimonial law attorneys. It’s a level of experience and expertise in the area that very few attorneys have in the state of New Jersey. It’s a critical aspect when you’re looking for a divorce attorney, that they have that level of experience.

When looking for a divorce attorney, you also need to look for a good fit. You’re looking for somebody that understands your needs, that understands your goals, that has an enormous amount of empathy for what you’re going through. It’s a difficult time. There are several articles that have said going through a divorce is as traumatic as losing a loved one or losing a child. If you put it in that aspect, what these people are going through, it is enormously traumatic and stressful.

With what they go through on a day-to-day basis with themselves, with their children, and with their spouse, they need a divorce attorney who understands that, that understands what you’re going through, and it’s not just, “Well, you own me money, and you need to pay me so I can go to court for you.” With what you are going through, you have to have a tremendous amount of empathy and it has to be a good fit for you with your divorce attorney so that you’re both on the same page, that your divorce attorney knows your goals, and that you feel like your divorce attorney is fighting for those goals.

4. Why Hire A Divorce Attorney?

We had a client come in to speak to us. He sat down with his agreement and said, “I can’t live under this agreement. I’m paying too much alimony. I’m paying too much child support. I’m living in a one-bedroom apartment. I’m not seeing my children enough. My wife got the house. She got half of my assets. She’s taken all of my money.” The first thing we said to him, “Who was your lawyer?” He didn’t have a lawyer. “I didn’t retain a lawyer. I did this by myself. I clearly didn’t understand what I was doing.” Within five more minutes of that conversation, he told us that he had an affair, that his wife caught him with the affair, that his family found out about it, and he just felt so guilty that he signed whatever his wife’s attorney put in front of him. That’s a huge critical mistake.

We talk all the time about people making decisions based on emotion and not logic. If you do that in a divorce case, it could be fatal to your outcomes. Hiring a divorce attorney can give you objective advice and provide you with a number of solutions that you could never think of before. It can help navigate you through the divorce process and the paperwork that is overwhelming in a divorce case and can make sure that the outcome is reasonable and fair for you, so that the other side is not taking advantage of you or your emotions. 

5. What Should I Look For In A Divorce Attorney

You need to be looking for a divorce attorney that’s caring, urgent, and aggressive; a divorce attorney that’s going to put your interests above all else; a divorce attorney that understands fundamentally the emotions that you’re going through and can be able to manage those emotions and control your expectations to make sure that you’re getting the outcomes that are reasonable and fair; a divorce attorney that is not going to let another side or another attorney take advantage of you or impose upon you unreasonable and unfair demands; and a divorce attorney that is going to walk you through all of the paperwork and the process that can be overwhelming at times. We are the family law department that can absolutely provide you with that level of representation, that level of caring, urgency, and aggressive every step of the way. We are certified matrimonial attorneys, we have over 20 years of experience in this field, and we bring it to the table every single time with every single case that we have.

Are you or a loved one in the divorce process and have questions about these 5 ways to get ahead on your divorce case? Contact an experienced family law attorney at Callagy Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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