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PLIGA Healthcare Recovery

Watch this video about PLIGA healthcare recovery in New Jersey. Then call Callagy Law for a free legal consultation.

PLIGA Healthcare Recovery At Callagy Law, we believe PLIGA healthcare recovery to be one of the most challenging areas of treating people that are injured in car accidents. Really, it is set up for people that don’t have money, that have no coverage. This is something that should be a whole lot easier. We’ve been dealing with it over 20 years here at Callagy Law. These are cases we move through the system effectively with caring, urgency, and aggression. The question is would you be willing to give us an opportunity to go out there and collect it. We collected $50 million last year from unpaid and underpaid claims that were taken from our providers by insurance companies that were put back into the pockets of the doctors, surgical centers, and hospitals. Would you be willing to let us have that opportunity to do that for your practice? Come to one of our practice master events. Check our calendar. It’s 201-261-1700 for us here at Callagy Law. Please give us a call would you want to give us that opportunity.

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