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Services Impacted By Surprise Billing

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What type of services does the surprise bill impact, and how can they benefit?


Services Impacted By Surprise Billing The Surprise Bill laws really impact the out-of-network provider that sees patients either on an emergency basis or on an inadvertent basis. What is meant by those two things? If you’re seeing a patient under and emergency basis, that’s pretty self-explanatory: You’re home cleaning out your gutters, fall off your ladder, and end up going to the local hospital. The hospital may be in-network with your carrier, but you may see a spine surgeon who is not in network with your carrier. Without the Surprise Bill law, you’re going to get a big balance bill from that spine surgery.

The out-of-network surgeons that are on ER call are the ones most greatly impacted by the law because they’re not going to send the patient a balance bill now, which is great for the patient. What they’re going to do is tell the carrier, after they bill it, and the carrier then underpays them dramatically. That surgeon has the opportunity to now go to arbitration and get something significantly larger than what the carrier was willing to pay. That’s the emergency context.

The second context is inadvertent. What this means is if you go and have an elective surgery at, for example, a surgery center, the surgery center might be in-network with your carrier and the surgeon in-network with your carrier, but you may see an anesthesiologist that’s hired by the ASC and not in-network. You don’t want to get a big balance bill from an anesthesiologist either, so that’s an inadvertent out-of-network service. That anesthesiologist is not going to send you a balance bill; they’re going to go into arbitration against the carrier.

Those are basically the two broad definitions. We’re here to help you with that and understand the nuances of this, and there are always these nuances in the laws. We’re Callagy Law over in Paramus; please give us a call.

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