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Healthcare Databases in ERISA

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How are healthcare databases used in ERISA based action?


Healthcare Databases in ERISA We were working with some of our medical providers who handle a lot of self-funded plans and therefore deal with a lot of ERISA files. We were talking about how important healthcare databases such as FAIR Health are to these ERISA cases. The short answer is it depends. A lot of plans might call for a UCR payment or they might call for a percentage of Medicare payment, but, in short, the national databases, such as FAIR Health, are still very important because they play a critical role in establishing what a UCR rate would be for the CPT codes in dispute.

Even if a plan calls for a different percentage of payment, there is still a large change that there is an exception that might bring in UCR. When that’s an issue, the easiest way for every party to come to agreement as to what a UCR rate might be for settlement or for pursuing a lawsuit, the databases such as FAIR Health are what come into play. If you’d like to discuss this further or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.

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