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If you’re here, it’s because you’re a provider. You’re having some challenges with commercial insurance. You’re having challenges with commercial insurance that can be terribly frustrating because you’re doing all this work on patients, you’re out-of-network, and you’re trying to get paid. The roadmap to getting paid in out-of-network commercial insurance has never been more challenging.Commercial Insurance

The carriers are putting up enormous obstacles and hurdles. They’re utilizing ERISA improperly to try to block you from getting paid. Our mission is to work with the Federal Board System to help them understand that ERISA’s for patient protection. It’s not for insurance carrier protection. When legislation’s being passed, like New Jersey is passing the Out-of-Network Bill, what’s interesting is that there’s nothing in it that says that companies have to produce their premiums or make less profit. You’re chopping money out of what the providers are getting, but there’s no commensurate return for the carriers or cost savings passed onto the patient.

When you’re looking for help fighting commercial insurance claims and getting yourself paid, you should really ask yourself the question of who would be best to help me with that situation? What is best? Caring, urgency, and aggression. That’s what you need to be looking for. Caring is letting you know that there’s empathy and true understanding of what your challenge is. Urgency is the recognition that there’s a momentum filled process when you’re looking to deal with any legal issue that you have. Aggression means fearlessly telling the truth.

There’s money being taken from medical providers improperly. ERISA is being used as an improper shield. If the legal counsel that you’re working with or want to work with isn’t willing to aggressively pursue with a caring, urgency, and clarity, and truth that we’re talking about, then go find somebody else.

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