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How Callagy Law Is Redefining Healthcare Recovery

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Let’s discuss how Callagy Law is redefining what it means to provide customer service in health care recovery. Health care recovery is a three-tiered process. You need a good and competent billing operation. You need a good, aggressive collection process. Then you need the third tier, and that’s legal representation when the collection process hits a brick wall. How Callagy Law Is Redefining Healthcare Recovery

For some of you, that may mean just assembling files and getting them off to an attorney. That is a very limited description of what that third tier can be. At Callagy Law, we have 15 client liaisons. We send them to your location. They help identify and assemble the files for you. They become your trusted advisor. They are your point of contact for everything at the firm. Everything funnels through them to the firm and out to you from the firm. They run reports for you, give you status reports. They will be an administrative resource at your disposal. That, we like to think, is more of a trusted advisor role than simply an attorney that you hand off files to.

Give us an opportunity. We do a six-year review. Your liaison will be involved in the six-year review process. Give us a call at 201-261-1700. We are Callagy Law.

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