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What is Healthcare Recovery?

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What is healthcare recovery?


We say to people all the time, insurance companies are designed not to pay. There is an absolute established methodology that they have. What we do here at Callagy Law is we go in. We audit at no cost and review doctor’s practices whether you’re in-network or out-of-network to see if you’re owed money for treating people injured in car accidents, treating people injured in work-related injury, or just treating people in the general health insurance. Health Care Recover 101 is all about literally looking at every EOB, seeing if you were paid appropriately.ENTER TITLE

If you have contractual relationships with carriers, my God, there’s a myriad of different possibilities where you were caught in situations you didn’t understand, so you’re thinking you’re signing a contract for one thing and they’re taking money away from something else. Please call us and help us help you negotiate those contracts. Doctors and attendants save a couple of dollars. We have seen so many cases where people have cost themselves tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. They’re not getting the patient volume they thought. They have no understanding. They have some salesperson come in and go, hey, sign this network agreement. It doesn’t do anything bad for you. It just brings you more patient volume and people you wouldn’t have seen anyway. It’s a bold-faced lie.

Not only is it not bringing you any new patients. It’s literally taking money away from you for treating other people you would have otherwise been treating. Health Care Recovery 101 simply is letting us come in and review all the stuff that going back two to six years that you haven’t been paid, but you should have been paid, even if you think you’ve been paid and written this stuff off. We can also review the contracts and tell you what you’re in and what you’re not in. Maybe you need to get out of certain networks. Maybe you need to cancel certain contracts.

Certainly, if you’re about to sign one or thinking about signing anything, please give us a call. In fact, give us a call on any legal issue that you have. We represent doctors not only recovering money in health care, but we represent people in a full myriad of legal services, familial issues, business litigation issues, insurance companies saying you owe us money and taking money back, board actions, the full gamut of representation for health care providers.

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