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Surprise Medical Billing Laws

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What is a medical surprise bill and why are laws being made about them?


Surprise Medical Billing Laws A lot of medical providers have asked why the Surprise Bill laws are being passed. Why are they the hot thing going on across the country? States are passing these laws. It’s been a hot topic at the federal level for a couple years, and they finally, at the federal level, managed to come together and pass it. What’s the need for them?

If you remember during the debates about Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, the nightmare scenario for patients was suffering an injury, having an accident, or getting sick and, through no decision of the patient’s, they might be seen by an out-of-network provider at an in-network hospital or they may even be taken on an emergency basis to an out-of-network hospital. All of a sudden, this patient who never made a decision to go out of network gets slammed with a huge balance bill. These laws are all aimed at protecting patients from that nightmare scenario, and it’s a good and noble intention. There’s a tremendous need for these bills.

The second piece of it is something that everybody has to be prepared for, and that is how the carrier reimburses the out-of-network provider if the patient is being protected from a balance bill. That’s where the arbitration process comes in. The medical provider and the insurer go into an arbitration process and fight it out for the reimbursement and correctly leave the patient out of the dispute. That’s great, and that’s how it should be. As long as you’re prepared for the arbitration process, these bills should not be all that detrimental to the medical community.

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