PIP No Fault

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PIP No Fault Let’s talk about PIP and no-fault reimbursement in New Jersey. In the last year, we’ve collected $50 million on behalf of our healthcare provider clients, $300 million in the last decade. I’ve been doing PIP arbitrations in the state of New Jersey for 20 years. I like to say that I pioneered the entire industry because when I started it was mostly done by personal injury attorneys adding on a PIP arb at the back of things. Now, we file an extraordinary amount of arbitration cases. I don’t think that we can technically say it, but I think that we actually file more than anyone else in the state by considerable amounts. At least this is the feedback that we get on a regular and continuous basis. We represent hospitals, surgical centers, and medical providers. The biggest mistake and challenge people make in this world is handing their PIP arbs over to someone who was referred to them on some personal injury cases, say. You want to collect your money at the highest level. Would you be willing to give us the opportunity to compare and contrast what we can do for you in terms of the speed of your recovery, the amount of recovery in these situations, and compare it to what you’re getting right now? That’s the way to do it. By the way, it’s illegal to do tit for tat and say, I’ll do this for you if you do that for me. It is actually illegal. Insurance companies will say that’s an in-kind kickback. They file cases about it. Come to our practice mastery events. Learn how to take your practice to the next level, grow, and to deal with all of the amazing challenges consistently coming out trying to make it so that you can’t be reimbursed in PIP cases. PIP cases have amazing reimbursement opportunities helping people that were injured in accidents. This is something that we’ve been doing for two decades consistently. We have a team of 115 people. Oh, by the way, we have 2 top 100 national jury verdicts to show you that we’re very real lawyers in very real legal issues in addition to a third circuit victory and appeal. What you need are people that are caring, urgent, and aggressive for you to deal with this headache and stress. The world of PIP, for some, has become this commerce stream where they’re working for lawyers that are not getting what they need. Let us collect your money. You market your practice. You generate the patients. We’ll collect your money. We’re Callagy Law. Call us at 201-261-1700.

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