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Medical Surprise Legislation Expectations

Do you know what to expect as a medical provider? Learn the medical surprise legislation expectations in this video, then call our lawyers.


What should medical providers expect once the medical surprise legislation takes affect?


Medical Surprise Legislation Expectations We got a phone call from one of our Surprise Bill clients that we serve on the state level, in the state Surprise Bill world, and he asked, “What can we expect when the federal Surprise Bill law takes effect?” OPur answer was simply you can expect what happened at the state level in New Jersey and what happens all the time when there’s a change in the law or regulations when it comes to reimbursement from insurance carriers. You can expect a dramatic drop in your reimbursements.

That’s not all bad news. That effective date is January 2022. It’s not all bad news necessarily because there is an arbitration process that comes along with the Surprise Bill law. There are a lot of very specific parameters surrounding the federal law, so our suggestion is you brush up on how best to be prepared for January 2022, and you can best do that by contacting Callagy Law over in Paramus. We’ll be happy to help you get ready and happy to help you fight whatever negative aspects of the bill start to come about due to the carriers’ lower reimbursements.

Do you have questions about medical surprise legislation expectations? Contact experienced New Jersey Medical Revenue Recovery Attorneys at Callagy Law today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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