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Medical Revenue Recovery For Providers

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Our emphasis is on collecting money for medical providers. Medical providers often ask what we can do for them. The first thing we can do for you, and you have to be crazy not to take us up on it, is do a free audit of all of your claims going back six years for worker’s comp and commercial insurance and going back about three years for PIP claims.Medical Revenue Recovery For Providers

That audit process inevitably recovers substantial amounts of money on behalf of medical providers. The carriers, whether you know it or not, are pocketing a lot of your money. If we do that audit, and we find nothing, which never happens, you can rest assured that your process is perfectly intact and collects everything you could possibly collect. I will tell you though for a fact that does not happen. We do these audits. We find substantial amounts of money, for some big facilities, millions of dollars, and for some large surgical practices, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. At a bare minimum, for small practices that do have a pretty good track record or even in-network a great deal, we find tens of thousands of dollars.

All of it’s for free. All of it costs the provider nothing. I have experienced, myself, where providers were under the impression that there was nothing there. They were in network a great deal. I will tell you, I personally went through and found tens of thousands of dollars, cost them nothing. They were ecstatic. Call Callagy Law at 201-261-1700. We’re ready to go get it for you.

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