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Workers Comp Recovery If you’re here, it’s because you want to recover more money in worker’s compensation. We collected $50 million last year at Callagy Law on behalf of our doctor’s practices, surgical centers, and hospital clients. A lot of folks treat people involved in worker’s compensation cases and think if they’re out of network they have to accept the reimbursement from the insurance companies. No, you don’t. You’re entitled to your usual and customary charges.

There is no fee schedule in the state of New Jersey. Let us come in for free and [inaudible] have even if you have a world-class billing collection collecting internal, external company. Even if you’ve been working with law firms, we find tons of money on behalf of our clients. We’ve collected well into the eight figures last year in worker’s compensation, reimbursements, and delayed and denied claims for our clients for claims that were paid already, granted just at a lower level.

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