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Are You a Healthcare Provider or Hospital?

How Callagy Law Can Help

The way we can help healthcare providers and hospitals, quite simply, is to put money in their pocket for what they’ve billed, and done appropriately, and help people to get paid by insurance companies. Last year, we collected over $32 million for our healthcare clients. We collected over $8 million, specifically, for our hospital clients. We collected over $7 million in underpayments alone, from worker’s compensation insurance carriers. That’s a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what is not being collected.

My frustration is that there’s an educational gap for how healthcare facilities are going about collecting their money. All you hear about is legislative changes, hospitals or doctor’s offices struggling, hospitals closing, fundraisers. I sit there, and I can empathize and appreciate all of those things without a doubt. I can empathize and appreciate all the massive challenges that people working internally in these facilities are having with the more complex web of reimbursement strategies that insurance carriers employ to process claims and to not pay claims. That’s my opinion. If that wasn’t happening, we wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have collected $32 million last year. Are You a Healthcare Provider or Hospital?

My advice is to call us and let us help you. We have people that will go into the facility, do onsite consultations at an introductory level for free and begin the work that we’ll do for folks. There are no start-up costs to this. There are certain amounts of money we can collect for the facilities that are completely for free.

We’re doing a series of educational dinners coming up this year to close that educational gap that I think exists. We’ve got CFOs, billing managers, anybody that works in the reimbursement game in healthcare facilities, doctors, their office managers— everybody is entitled to come to these things. Look on our website for information.

The most important point is to take action, do something. The first talk I ever did for healthcare entities was back in 1998. I mentioned that I saw a war going on. You may not know it, but you’re at war. We’re going to help you in that war to collect the money that you’re due and entitled to. We can’t do it if you don’t call us.

Call me right now at 201-261-1700. We can provide a free consultation. You’ll feel better after talking to us than you did before.

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