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Representation For Out-Of-Network Providers

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There is so much happening and so much changing right now in the world of out-of-network providers. I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think it’s right. That’s a story for a different day. If you’re an out-of-network provider, out-of-network surgeon, there’s a lot to think about.

I’m going to tell you that number one, you need to get the summary plan description. If your practice is not getting the summary plan description, you’re making a very significant mistake. There are ways to do that. Write for it, request it, ask it. It needs to be part of your process. We can give you more information on that if you give us a call. In addition, there’s going to be a lot of new disclosures that are required based upon this new law. That’s going to be another critically important step that could really land people in hot water.Representation For Out-Of-Network Providers

Make no mistake, the carriers are going to be incredibly aggressive with what out-of-network providers are doing because this is the move to end out-of-network. That’s what’s really going on here. If you’re going to remain out-of-network, and you’re going to go forward, please give us a call. Navigate through that issue, as well, of what to do related to disclosures, what to do with respect to everything the summary plan description said you have the right to get. Third, there’s a huge issue around how you later collect your money, how you later collect your money.

We just argued in a case against Horizon in a Third Circuit opinion that we technically lost in the issue of whether or not assignment of benefits and the anti-assignment clause is valid. The Third Circuit upheld it. It’s complicated. We lost the battle, but we won the war. We lost that case, but we won the war. We’re going to win that case in the end anyway because what the Third Circuit did, which was awesome, and we’re incredibly happy with the decision. We don’t love the portion about the assignment clauses, but, effectively, we end up in the same position.

If you get a power of attorney, a valid power of attorney within the state of New Jersey, the medical provider is still going to be able to go into court and get paid on their out-of-network commercial insurance bill. That is alive and well. It’s something the carriers have been trying to shut down completely. Believe me, it’s a tremendous victory for the out of network surgeon. We’re very proud of the fact that we’re on the cutting edge, and that it was our decision, and we’re fighting these cases through the Federal District Court level, into the Third Circuit, and quite frankly in the Supreme Court, if need be, on different issues.

Right now, having the understanding of how to do those powers of attorney is critical. What do your disclosures need to be? How to get your summary plan description. How does this whole power of attorney process work? It’s complicated. Please give us a call at 201-261-1700. If you’re not calling us, you’re out of your mind if you’re going forward and not understanding the context of how these up-front things are going to affect what you’re paid in the back end and all the litigation issues that come. Protect your practice, collect your money.

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