Understanding Surprise Bill Legislation in Florida

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What is important to know about a surprise bill legislation case and how to bring it forward in Florida?


Understanding Surprise Bill Legislation in Florida We were speaking with some of our intraoperative monitor providers in Florida, and we’d been talking about the Florida Surprise Bill legislation and the arbitration process, including what you need to know, and what’s important for us to know in order to pursue files in arbitration in Florida. Basically, the key thing is, as with most arbitration processes, you really want to get the ball started as soon as possible. This way, any required timelines aren’t blown, and you’re not stuck without being able to go through the arbitration process.

Other than that, the most important thing to do is to really get your bills together, your medical records together, and any and all forms signed by the patient – like an assignment of benefits or an application, anything like that – and send it over to us so we can kind of go through it, process it, submit the negotiation process, and then ultimately go through the arbitration process, all before any of the timelines have elapsed. If you’d like help with this or have any further questions about the Florida Surprise Bill arbitration process, please feel free to give our office a call.

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