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Surprise Bill Laws For Medical Providers

Learn if the surprise bill laws for medical providers will help or hurt you in this video. Contact our healthcare recovery attorneys today.


Do the surprise bill laws help or hurt medical providers?


Surprise Bill Laws For Medical Providers A lot of our clients in the space of commercial insurance have expressed concern about these laws, because they automatically think that it’s going to hurt the medical community. It’s a good question, and the answer is it could very well hurt the medical community if you’re not ready for it. If you are ready for it, it’s not hurtful at all. In fact, it could be beneficial. Here’s why.

When you’re talking about treatment in an emergency room context, or in an inadvertent ancillary service context, you never are in a position to really obtain the healthcare plan of the patient. You’re just not in that position. It’s a practical matter. You’re seeing the patient on an emergency basis, you may never see that patient again, and you don’t have any way to practically obtain their healthcare plan. These laws remove the challenge you would normally face in trying to obtain the healthcare plan of the patient to see what you’re supposed to be paid. In that sense, it’s good; it removes that headache of trying to obtain the patient’s healthcare plan.

As long as the reimbursement scheme set forth in the statute is a fair one and gives you this arbitration opportunity, we think these are laws that are actually good for the medical community. As long as you’re prepared for the arbitration process, you should be in okay shape. We’re here to help you do that. We’re Callagy Law over in Paramus.

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