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Options After Medical Providers Claim Dismissal

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If workers’ compensation court has dismissed a medical providers claim, what other options can be pursued?


Options After Medical Providers Claim Dismissal Many providers ask if a workers’ comp judge dismisses a claim, what else can they do? You cannot bill the patient in workers’ comp in New Jersey; you just can’t do that. It’s prohibited by law. If the reason for the dismissal is jurisdiction, meaning the Division of Workers’ Compensation has said this does not have enough New Jersey context for us to hear the dispute, there may be recourse in regular judiciary court. That may or may not be true. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the injury, the worker, the employer, and the medical treatment. Just because the Division of Workers’ Compensation may not have jurisdiction, that does not ipso facto mean the state of New Jersey does not have jurisdiction.

That’s a tricky legal question. We are proceeding down the avenue with some claims to try to establish jurisdiction in the judiciary in New Jersey because we believe the state of New Jersey has jurisdiction even though the division may treat itself as not having jurisdiction. There might be some options. We’re still exploring those avenues. We’re not giving up the fight, and we look for every avenue we can on behalf of medical providers. Just know that if there is an opportunity there, we will find it and we will then pass the word and look to establish some sort of relationship in an arena that may not exist now.

We’re Callagy Law. We’re in Paramus. We’re happy to explore all those avenues.

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