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Unappreciated IOM Medical Recovery

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Why are IOM that are unappreciated and unrepresented able to recover from medical revenue recovery?


Unappreciated IOM Medical Recovery Intraoperative monitoring is one of those specialties that is kind of behind the scenes. What does that mean? It’s relatively new, even though it’s really not that new. It’s relatively new in terms of the regulators and fee schedules and the law catching up to it. The law moves very slowly; it’s very bureaucratic, as we all know.

Intraoperative monitoring is one of those services that we call ancillary and is never really in the limelight of the reimbursement debates. You have hospitals and surgery centers as facilities. You have the surgeon community. All of those practitioners and the large facilities, they’re the ones at the heart of a lot of these reimbursement debates. Intraoperative monitoring, IOM services, kind of are a little bit under the radar. Because they’re under the radar, it’s actually beneficial to those providers.

In the inadvertent out-of-network world, or even the emergency context, the IOM provider is not at the forefront of everybody’s policy making. In some ways that’s good. There are not only arenas where IOM providers have failed to engage in to get greater reimbursement, but the reimbursements themselves can be more financially impactful than a lot of other service providers because the regulatory world tends to be a little slow at catching up to new developments, and IOM is a relatively new development.

What we do to best help IOM providers that way is we go back and look at all the EOBs. We set parameters for the EOBs for you to show us, how far back. We’ll tell you what the parameters might be for us to review those, and we review them and try to maximize and optimize the amount of money we can get for you. We’re Callagy Law in Paramus, and we’re happy to do that.

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