Medical Surprise Bill Legislation for Inadvertent Services

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What are inadvertent services with regard to the medical surprise bill legislation?


Medical Surprise Bill Legislation for Inadvertent Services Surprise Bill legislation not only applies to emergency services, but it also, in most jurisdictions, applies to inadvertent out of network services. What is inadvertent as opposed to emergent?

The emergency treatment is kind of obvious and self-explanatory. Inadvertent means you’re going to an in-network surgeon for an elective surgery and you’re going to an in-network facility to have the surgery done, but they may have what we call ancillary providers that are going to service you, and this protects you from getting a balance bill from those ancillary service providers.

Some examples of ancillary service providers are an anesthesiologist. They may not be in-network with your carrier, even though the facility is in network, even though the surgeon is in network. Intraoperative monitoring is the technician and the equipment that’s going to keep an eye on all of the vitals and other things while one is in surgery. They may be out of network. You don’t want to get a balance bill from the intraoperative monitoring IOM provider. There are also other possibilities of inadvertent providers, but those are probably the two biggest categories – anesthesiology and IOM. There is also durable medical equipment that may come into play and some other things where you may be getting a balance bill and shouldn’t.

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