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Litigating an ERISA Insurance Case

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What is needed to pursue a case against a medical carrier under ERISA?


Litigating an ERISA Insurance Case We were working with a couple of our medical providers, and we were discussing some of the ERISA files. These files are those with a patient that has a self-funded plan. They were wondering what it is that we need in order to pursue a case for them under an ERISA format. The key things for us here would be that we’re going to need the bills, the HCFA’s, the medical records, any forms signed by the patient, an assignment of benefits, possibly a power of attorney— anything like that.

The next key item would be that we get the SPD, which is the summary plan description. This is basically our road map for how we’re going to be able to pursue the ERISA case. It indicates how reimbursement is set to be made, it indicates what kind of rules or exceptions there might be, and it really provides us with all the information that we need in order to get you the optimum recovery under the plan.

If you’re thinking about pursuing any ERISA cases or bringing them to us, keep in mind that those are the types of documents that are important. If you have any questions about it or if you would like to discuss it further, please feel free to give us a call at the office.

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