New York Supreme Court Denial of Certification

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What does the Supreme Court denial of certification among New York jurisdiction issue mean?


New York Supreme Court Denial of Certification Many of our medical provider clients in New Jersey who have operated and treated injured workers in New Jersey have been dealing with the issue of whether New Jersey has jurisdiction over workers’ comp treatment where the employer and the carrier and perhaps the injury all took place in New York, but the treatment is in New Jersey. Very recently, the appellate division in New Jersey determined that it was okay for a workers’ comp judge to dismiss a workers’ comp medical provider claim where the only thing that took place in New Jersey was the treatment. Everything else was outside of the state. The residency of the patient, the injury, the employer, and the carrier were all out of state and only the treatment was in New Jersey. The appellate division ruled that it was okay for a workers’ comp judge to dismiss that claim on jurisdiction grounds, and the supreme court of New Jersey refused to hear an appeal of that decision, which basically means that decision stands.

If you’re a medical provider in New Jersey, if everything is New York or Pennsylvania, other than the treatment, chances are you’re not going to be able to pursue that in New Jersey under the workers’ comp laws in the Division of Workers’ Compensation. That’s essentially where everything stands, but we are still fighting the fight. We are looking to pursue certain options we have in court. Number one and number two, if there is another contact in New Jersey in addition to treatment – for example, the patient is a resident of New Jersey, even though he works in and was injured in New York – we still intend to bring those in front of the division. We’re still fighting the fight, even though we didn’t quite win this battle.

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