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Out-Of-Network Worker’s Compensation Recovery

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Our expertise lies in medical revenue recovery for medical providers. I want to direct this to any medical providers out there who do out-of-network worker’s comp and who see patients on an out-of-network basis who are injured in the workplace. There is no fee schedule in New Jersey for worker’s compensation reimbursement. This creates tremendous opportunities for recovery for the medical providers.Out-Of-Network Worker's Compensation Recovery

We are basically looking to recover your bill charges. To the extent we can get as close to that as possible, we do. There are substantial amounts of money out there in this area. These days, we settle about a million and a half dollars a month for medical providers. If you see out-of-network worker’s comp patients, don’t think for a minute that how you’re being reimbursed is necessarily the way you should be. Contact us, Callagy Law Medical Revenue Recovery, at 201-261-1700.

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