IOM Services

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Why are IOM services experiencing a growing demand?


IOM Services Intraoperative monitoring is a particularly important service to be mindful of the opportunities in the space of litigation and arbitration. Whether it’s motor vehicle and PIP, whether it’s workers’ comp, whether it’s Surprise Bill legislation, IOM is not going away. It’s one of those services that came about fairly recently; everybody realizes the importance of it. It is now becoming an integral part of surgeries.

IOM is here to stay, and it’s a very important medical service. It is one where the regulators are still late to the party, and, because of that, IOM providers need to be particularly conscious of the opportunities that exist for them. If they’re getting underpaid, we don’t believe there’s a justification for that in the current environment. We would love to help them remedy that situation as soon as possible. We’re Callagy Law, and we’re in Paramus.

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