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Cost of a Commercial Insurance Medical Revenue Recovery Lawyer

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How much does a commercial insurance medical revenue recovery attorney cost?


Cost of a Commercial Insurance Medical Revenue Recovery Lawyer It basically costs you nothing for our legal services. What does that mean? It means that, in the PIP context, the carrier pays all of our fees in cost. There’s a fee shifting provision in the PIP law, in the no-fault law, that requires the carrier, when we succeed in arbitration and whether it’s through settlement or award, pays our attorney fees in cost. With one very limited exception, us pursuing PIP arbitration for you costs you nothing. Also, as an added bonus at Callagy Law, we do the appeals for free and charge you nothing administratively for doing those. Your recoveries on appeal typically don’t come with a charge at all. PIP generally is at no cost. The one exception to that is PLIGA. PLIGA is the state-owned fallback auto carrier. Of course, the government has exempted themselves from that fee shifting provision. If we take a PLIGA claim for you, it’s a PIP PLIGA claim, we typically have to get a percentage of what we recover for you in addition to our filing cost. You don’t pay that until we get the recovery for you. Even though it’s not absolutely free, it’s contingent fee-based, which means you only pay when we get a recovery for you. The same is true with workers’ comp. The same is true with commercial insurance. Typically, you are only charged when you receive payment on recoveries we obtain for you. It’s either completely free in the case of PIP generally, or it’s contingent fee-based in the case of PLIGA workers’ comp and commercial insurance, which means you don’t pay until we get the money for you. When we do that six-year review, it tends to be found money for the medical provider. That percentage, which varies by category, can range from a 10% contingent fee agreement to 30% depending on the category and the nature of the claims. Whatever that balance is up to 100% is money we obtain for you. In a sense, it’s certainly not costing you anything out of pocket. Happy to make those legal services available to you. Our contingent fee rates are among the most competitive. We’re always happy to negotiate depending upon the size of claims and the volume of claims and whether you’re getting claims across categories, and we take all of that into consideration in negotiating the contingent fee. We don’t have as many clients as we have because we’re stingy on our contingent fee rates. We are always willing to work with the provider to make sure that everyone is happy. The only one we’re looking to make unhappy is the insurance company. Give us a call here in Paramus at Callagy Law.

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