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Medical Revenue Recovery Overview

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If you are here because you are interested in medical revenue recovery, I just want to explain a couple quick things about all the different ways we can help you. One of our frustrations is I think there’s so much more we can do for our clients, and they don’t really understand it. We’ve become known as a firm that helps medical providers, hospitals, surgical centers, doctor’s practices recover money from insurance companies. That is certainly something that we do.Medical Revenue Recovery Overview

We’re also incredibly knowledgeable in the world of creating contracts. I can give you some quick examples of creating contracts. One key issue in your contracts, by the way is to have loser pays attorney fee provisions in them. It’s what keeps people honest. Most contracts we see don’t have that information. We negotiate contracts. We do buy-sells of practices. We represent people in actions brought by medical boards. We’re somebody that helps people involved in any degree of complex litigation. In fact, we have two top 100 national jury verdicts. If you’re a hospital, medical practice, or surgical center, we’re here to help you with every single thing, licensing issues, contract issues, fights, disputes of any sort and type. We have the experience to do it. We have 115 people that work for the law firm.

In addition, we have family law. We have two certified matrimonial attorneys that work here. There’s, I think, only 200 in the entire state. They both are people, too, that know the ins and outs of the courthouse because they had clerkships after law school. They’ve only done family law. We have three family law attorneys that work here now. We also do personal injury, so if there are people that are injured and need help, we’re here for that. We do, as I said, the full suite of complex commercial and business litigation. We’ve been very involved in trust, will, and estate issues in terms of forming the documents, fighting and challenging wills and estates. In fact, we get calls from people all over the country now because we wrote a great blog article about contesting a will in New Jersey. We’ve done a ton of work in that area.

If you have a legal question, call us. The great mistake that people make is thinking going to the wrong lawyer. The issue isn’t that somebody claims to be an expert in an area. The issue is whether or not they are caring, urgent, and aggressive. Do they have the skill to get it done? If they’re not demonstrating those things, don’t go to them.

Please give us a chance and call us with any and all of your legal needs. It’s our desire to be your protector, your guardian, and your champion in every legal need across the issues I discussed or any legal question you have. We are Callagy Law. Give us a call today.

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