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If you treat PIP Patients, you already know that some of the patients most urgently requiring a significant course of care are those who were severely maimed or injured as the result of vehicular impact, but who carry no PIP insurance of their own (pedestrians, uninsured, etc). We truly feel it is service provided by you, the medical community, to treat PLIGA covered patients to the extent necessary for rehabilitation, aware of the potential for difficulty in compensation and the realization that attempting to recover denied services means arbitrating against the state-run insurance organization.  In particular, NJ-PLIGA discourages arbitration by exempting itself from statutory PIP attorney fees, discouraging arbitration through the risk of low arbitration attorney compensation. However, money owed for your services is money that you are entitled to, and while we cannot legally state that we will go farther and fight harder for your PLIGA covered patient services, we would like the opportunity to prove our commitment with a free 6 year review of your unpaid PLIGA claims. Callagy Law will arbitrate on behalf of all eligible PLIGA claims, and is ready to represent your practice in all arbitration matters. We can be THE PROTECTOR your practice needs, THE GUARDIAN you want, and THE CHAMPION that you deserve. 

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