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Hospitals are unique entities in Healthcare, with exponentially higher costs of operation and sustainability.  For this reason, inpatient facilities have been long afforded latitude in establishing the billable rates which will allow to maintain their ability to properly treat and care for patients with the proper staff and technologies.  In doing this, the remarkable efforts of hospital administrators and billing personnel have been essential in maintaining the health and productivity of our communities. When it became clear that favor was shifting towards the benefit of the hospitals, insurance companies dug in deep and now often seek to reduce payment for inpatient rates of treatment, often going so far as to question the attending physicians’ judgment as to even the necessity of inpatient admission.

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In our opinion, insurance companies and their unqualified adjusters have no right or place to question the judgment of admitting the physicians of our Hospital Clients, and are well versed in all aspects of fighting improper reimbursement of inpatient hospital services, against PIP, Worker’s Compensation, and major medical commercial insurance carriers. In fact, insurance carrier unfair denials and underpayments are so prevalent that Callagy Law in 2017 alone recovered more than $50,000,000 for our healthcare clients, and more than $300,000,000 since 2007. We can’t ethically say that we are the best, but let us prove it to you.

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