Large hospital systems and small independent practices alike can feel as though there is nothing that can be done to fight the insurance conglomerates that hold our healthcare industry hostage with their threats to withhold patients’ abilities to seek treatment from providers. However, as a medical revenue recovery law firm, Callagy Law and its ERISA ligitation claim attorney team not only sees – but also fights against – the injustice and bullying done by commercial/major medical insurance carriers. 

When the Employee Retirement Income Security act was passed in 1974 (ERISA), it was actually intended to safeguard the rights of retirees and insured employees. It was meant to ensure a patient’s entitlement to treatment, not to complicate medical providers’ abilities to recover payment for those services. However, commercial/major medical carriers have since been able to manipulate components of the law to result in so much red tape that the average medical provider has neither the time nor resources to cut through it, let alone pursue federal litigation action to recover their due fees. Over time, insurance interests were advanced throughout the federal court system; however, this does not mean you as a provider must be held victim to major medical insurance companies.

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