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In Support of the National Health Services Corp.

This blog will focus on taking a closer look into the National Health Services Corps (NHSC).   The purpose of this post is to help assist those with questions they have concerning their business or medical practice. The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will frequently post topics ranging from […]Read More

Posted on 03-18-2016

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How Do Businesses Ensure Compliance When Picking Healthcare Plans?

New and existing small businesses have to consider if they will offer health insurance and if so the owner must pick the specific benefits for the company.  Under the Affordable Care Act individuals and businesses have new rights and responsibilities regarding health care insurance.   The ACA has instituted new requirements involving various parts of […]Read More

Posted on 09-25-2015

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Google Genomics adds Broad Institute’s DNA analysis toolkit

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Google Genomics, the cloud-based computing business that is racing to increase its share of online DNA analytics, on Wednesday began offering a cloud service version of the popular DNA analysis software from the Broad Institute, a biomedical research organization. The Google Inc research tie-up comes as academic institutions and healthcare companies […]Read More

Posted on 06-24-2015


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