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Have you ever known, or seen, someone fall victim to an accident, disease, or even just old age, wherein they become less and less able to make decisions for themselves?  Loved ones can often lose the ability to manage their own finances, residence, healthcare, or legal rights.  If this happens to you, or a parent or other loved one- are you prepared?

Think of this: your parent or sibling suddenly becomes unable to financially or medically care for themselves, and cannot adequately communicate their wishes.  In that situation, without any prior power of attorney having been executed, you would not be able to pay that person’s mortgage, utilities, or credit cards, nor would you have any ability to contribute to the decisions made as to the medical care of your loved one.

However, if you and your loved ones prepare Powers of Attorney, which would be activated only in events like these, you would be able to make decisions, and manage that person’s affairs, or vice versa, until they are able to resume management of their own affairs, or other arrangements are made.

Callagy Law understands the importance of Powers of Attorney, and can help you easily, quickly, and affordable, prepare these documents, which can be, dollar for dollar, one of the most valuable legal services you may every receive.

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