What Happens To Your Business After Death?

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What happens to your business after death?


Let’s talk about a corollary of estate planning— planning what happens to your business in case of your death. For many business owners, their business is them, so there may not be a business to pass on, but for others, if they have partners or a larger-scale business, there may be stocks, membership shares or anything of that nature. Really the important thing first is to identify what is possible that can be passed on to your estate. Functionally, in a vacuum, your shares would then be owned by your estate and then be distributed; however, your will ultimately caused them to be distributed. In a lot of companies, especially larger companies, your stocks, your membership shares are subject to certain restrictions that would stop them from entering into your estate and either you are bought out or the company makes another payment.What Happens To Your Business After Death?

There are also things like keyman insurance or life insurance policies which are paid to compensate the family for those shares rather than actually giving control of those shares to somebody in the estate, whether it’s a wife or children or something along those lines. Ultimately, this is something you really do have to consider, especially the longer that you’re in business. An unfortunate reality is the longer you’re in business, the more likely it is that something may happen which would then kick your estate in. It is definitely something everybody wants to look into and at least put some kind of plan into place for. If you like the information, please like it, share it, send it to your friends. We really want to get the word out there and demystify the legal process in New Jersey, and if you have any questions, whether it be estate, business, anything like that, feel free, would you give us a call, 201-261-1700. Be happy to help you out. Thanks.

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