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Helping people with their wills, trusts, and estates is one of the most basic but one of the most important things you can do for people. It’s nothing pleasant to think about. A lot of folks don’t want to approach it, touch it. It’s not something I like to talk about or to think about in any way myself, but it is something that left undone can leave a mess behind. We’re litigating a number of cases right now that involve disputes because people didn’t have these things in order.Wills, Trusts and Estate Legal Services

They left their family, their friends, and their loved ones with massive challenges and problems to deal with, which create emotional problems, which really, quite frankly, shift the legacy of the person. I think most people want to have a legacy, and the purpose of a will, trust, or estate is to effectuate your legacy, really. Your life is your legacy, but this is the way you’re going to effectuate that legacy. If you don’t take care of these things, you may have led this incredible life, may love your children, have people that you care about in very deep ways, but if these things aren’t handled, you could have set up a problem for generations to come or certainly for the next generation at least in disputes and problems and litigation, have lawyers end up with money that should’ve been your children’s and have them feeling badly about each other because these things were not taken care of. We advocate at the highest level that people take care of these issues. We understand how to help people with those issues, so we ask people to come in and let us help you.

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