Required Documents To Prepare a Will

Are you wondering which required documents to prepare a will are needed for estate planning? Watch this video and call our New Jersey lawyers.


What kind of documents should I gather if I need to prepare a will?


Required Documents To Prepare a Will As a part of the estate planning process, we provide checklists to all of our clients who are looking to draft a will. Broadly speaking, those documents will include things like bank statements, deeds, any prior wills that you had, and any trusts that had been drawn up. It includes virtually all of your financial documents, whether or not you had 401Ks or IRAs, what businesses you owned for our business owner clients— virtually all of the financial documents and insurance policies as well that you can really think of are certainly helpful. It’s not always necessary that we have all of them depending on the scope of the will or estate plan that we’re doing but the more information is always better.

The second piece of information that we always want to have people identify is who is going to be their executor, who’s going to be their beneficiaries, and come with that knowledge, come with that decision already at least thought about so that we can have a good discussion about it if nothing else. If you’re looking to do any kind of estate planning or you have questions related to the estate planning process, please give us a call. We’re here to guide you through it.

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