When You Should Update Your Estate Plan

Do you need to renew your estate plan? In this video, learn when you should update your estate plan in New Jersey, then call our attorneys.


How often should people update their estate plan?


When You Should Update Your Estate Plan For a lot of our estate planning clients, we usually get a call every once in a while asking when they should update their estate plans. If you’re a client of ours, you usually hear from us about once a year regarding any updates for your plans. Sometimes there are a number of legal issues that require updating of an estate plan. Those things don’t happen nearly as frequently as the other reason that you would want to update your estate plan is when you have a big life change. If you get married or you purchase a piece of property or you have a child, those are all good times to review your estate planning. It can be as simple as making changes to whom you are giving gifts or redistributing amassed assets. Basically, any reason can be a good reason to engage in some estate planning, but those big ticket items, those big life situations are always a good opportunity to collect and figure out what’s going on with your estate plan. If you have any questions about updating your estate plan, please feel free to give us a call.

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