Understanding Guardianships

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What’s a guardianship?


Understanding Guardianships Unfortunately, sometimes clients will call, and they’ll say, “I need a guardian for my parent or I need a guardian for my child.” That’s always the saddest situation because it usually means that the person is otherwise incapable of handling themselves, whether it means financially or taking care of themselves physically, it’s never a good situation. The guardianship process requires that a court take control over that person for a period of time and investigate whether or not they actually need a guardian because the court is essentially taking away the rights of the person who needs a guardian, but usually that’s for a good reason, whether they’ve been diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s or dementia or they have some other debilitating disease, that person needs the help of a guardian to make life decisions on their behalf, help them pay for things, or otherwise just go about their daily activities of living.

The process can take a long period of time, usually a couple of months. At that time, the court will appoint an attorney to investigate whether or not they need a guardian and make a determination as to who the guardian is. It is unfortunately not a quick process, and it can be complicated, but ultimately, it’s for the benefit of the person who needs the guardian and with that outcome in mind, usually, the courts are very receptive to anyone who is willing to under good faith take that person under their wing. If you have any questions in regard to a guardianship or other estate planning needs, please feel free to give us a call. Thanks.

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