Understanding Probate

Do you have questions about what probate means and why wills are probated in New Jersey? Watch this video about understanding probate today.


What is probate and why are wills probated?


Understanding Probate For many of our clients, the executor of an estate will reach out and say, “I’ve been appointed the executor in this will. I have to go through the probate process. I know that exists, but I don’t have any other information other than this is something that I have to do.” What is the probate process? Essentially, the probate process is the transfer of assets from the estate to the different beneficiaries, the payment of taxes, and the payment of creditors of the estate. There are bills that are left outstanding at the end of a person’s life, those are satisfied as part of the probated process. Every will in the state of New Jersey and every estate in the state of New Jersey must be probated to some degree. There’s variation on what those things look like depending on the factual situation. Every will, every estate does have to be probated. If you have any questions about the probate process or you’ve been just appointed as an executor, please feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help you out. Thanks.

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